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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pseudoart: painting bubble baths

I started drawing when I was four or five years old. Well, in preschool, they used to give us this brilliant homework: tracing objects. It started with the letters of the alphabet, moved on to different shapes and then onto semi-complicated objects. It was fun at first, but I guess I got bored somewhere along the way; so I resorted to copying/drawing pictures of cartoons (e.g. mickey mouse, bugs bunny, looney tunes, etcetera). But I still finished all of my homeworks. Must. Not. Evoke. The. Ire. Of. The. Teacher.

Trace!Trace!Trace! (Perfecting the art of tracing.)

Through the years I learned to use other mediums: colored pencils, charcoal, oil pastels, water color, acrylic and oil paint. And moved on to different subjects. There was a time when I much preferred sketching above the others but then you can say I was seduced by the colors. Nah. It is just a hobby, some would say. True, I do not profit by it; but it is more than just a hobby for me. A passion perhaps. Not really burning--but a passion nonetheless.

It does not matter if you are not so good at it, if you do not exactly produce masterpieces worthy of solo exhibitions--as long as you are happy creating your "monsterpieces", and as long as you feel you gained a little bit of something inside of you every time a project gets finished. Even if it is just an 8x10 paper doodle you managed to finish while you professor was lecturing about corporate responsibilities and whatnot. If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad, eh? Oh go on sing....

 I made these two last year when I had a random obsession with baths. Bubble baths.

rose petals and a tub (mrct, water color on 190mmx270mm acid-free paper)

the mask covers red (mrct, water color on 190mmx270mm acid-free paper)

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