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Monday, May 4, 2015

How (The) Lorde Saved My Phone From A Pickpocket (yes, you know who you are, sir)

She stopped singing. Seriously.

Commuting is not something that could be rightly considered as one of the banes of a normal human being's existence. Inefficient, terrible transportation system is (this is in tie with dreadful drainage system in my books). Just imagine: the crowd waiting in line, the crawling traffic, the noise and pollution (sometimes I fear of developing lung cancer and I do not even smoke). One could never grow accustomed to it all. I highly doubt it. And this is coming from a person who has been commuting most of her life. Moi. 

But hey...there may be people (super people) out there who are totally fine with commuting. You know, like "No sweat!". Well, I will have you know that being at peace with it is a gift; so if you have it, treasure it. Good for you. However, for the majority—normal un-gifted people—this mundane, unavoidable part of daily life, is a very powerful stress contributor. So, kudos to you my dear fellows!

Well, it was one ordinary Monday morning, a few weeks ago, and I was engaging in this aforementioned mundane activity when a miracle happened. Most of the times, when I am commuting, I put on my headphones and play some music because it helps tune out the noises. The song that I play (yes, I usually just play one song on loop and yes, i am crazy that way) depends on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. If I am feeling chirpy, I play an Ella Fitzgerald song or one from Bessie Smith or Bob Dylan perhaps. If I feel a bit gloomy, I turn to Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose" or Pachelbel's "Cannon D" or Beethoven's "Fur Elise" or Bach's "Prelude in C Major" or Dvorak's "Humoresque". If I do not feel anything at all (or I could not discern what I was feeling), I usually just play anything random from Muse's "Uprising" to bond's "Victory" to "Winter Wonderland" (I listen to Christmas songs only when it is not Christmas), to the Voltes V theme. Anyways, that morning (since I have been binging on pop music these past couple of months) it was Lorde's "Team" on loop. So, I was inside this public utility vehicle and Lorde was singing "...and you know, we're on each other's team..." repeatedly while we were going through some bumpy parts of the road and suddenly it stopped. Silence. I was taken back to Earth (yes, my mind usually floats somewhere else). I checked my bag and the headphone jack was detached from the socket. I just shrugged; I put it back and pressed play again. I did not think any more of it, until the vehicle stopped and the man beside me, along with another man sitting on the other side, hurriedly got off. Then the person sitting in front of me said "Miss, he was trying to pick your bag. Have you lost something?" And I know I was supposed to say "Then why did you not say anything at all!", but I understand he was probably scared; and so I just said "No, nothing. But I believe he was trying to get my phone...". 

Then it all dawned on me that the Lorde saved my phone; and I was like "Thank you, Lorde!" (I swear this sounds funny if I am telling you this little story in person).  Thank you for being in my team. 

But why on earth would that person try to pick my phone when he knew I was listening to something in it, is beyond me. Surely he knew that the track I was listening to would either stop or blast out loudly (in case of different phone make or model) and therefore would rouse or confirm suspicions, right? Or perhaps he was planning to scurry away once he grabbed the phone...jumping out of the vehicle and all. Well, I should also say thank you to something called I.Q. and "Thank you again, Lorde!" (Insert all the theatrics here: pouring rain, while kneeling on the ground, both fists in the air, eyes closed, head tilted upwards, great thunder and lightning in the background. All that hilarious jazz.)

Here's Lorde:

Props to Lorde and the "Team". Now I am indebted.

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