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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire! Wear Your House Proudly (and pray to the gods, old and new, that it's not burning...or at least not yet)

You bought the volumes a few years ago. You have read and re-read them...say, three or four times. You watched the HBO series, with the complete understanding that the show is a show and the books are well...books. So expectations are set somewhat correctly: that they would be different, of course. This did not prevent those 'cringing' and 'wringing-your-hands' moments though. But you survived, with your sanity in tact. Still.

Season five is done, so you re-watched the series from the start. That is about 3000 minutes of your life. But so far, The Winds Of Winter is still barely a whispher in the wind. Dust in the wind. It is known. It is no use pleading with George Martin. He will kill all of the characters, thousands of them, if people irk him enough about writing like a wind. He is the author, so he will write as he pleases, when he pleases. It is known. All that you can do is pray to the gods, the old as well as the new ones, for his health. And that he would stay away from pork and beans (what?bad joint pains could be extremely bothersome, you know?) for the time being. You will never ever forgive him if he perishes before the saga is concluded. I am sure there are hundreds of others out there that would call upon the Lord of Light to bring him back, just so they could stick Ice (or whatever is left of it) between his hollowed heart, if that happens. Three words: Get. In. Line. Nah. You are not one for violence. The thing is, between the re-readings and the re-watchings, you have warmed up to the White Walkers and their beautiful blue eyes, that you might as well end up rooting for them...at the end of it all. Well, you know, Robert Frost said that for destruction Ice Is also great And would suffice. Cannot argue with the poet, he is the boss.  

True, this waiting game is no fun. But as they say, when you play the game...you win, or you die. So while at it, why not wear your House shirt. Any moment could be your last moment after all. Haha, the theatrics.

Painted this with acrylic. Armor-like, eh? FRONT

All together now. Dracarys.
I also made House Stark. Big shirt.
Could not find any other plain shirt at the time.
Up North. Up close.

So, dear friends. Wait in style.

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